Test your
domain setup

That tool is used to verify you have properly setup your email sending domain, and your MTA (SMTP server). It's free to use, on a reasonable usage.

Validate your domain

1 Create the following DNS record

To validate your domain, you need to create a TXT record with the following value:
@ IN TXT "Scanmyemail-Code:baa5bb04"

2 Validate my domain

Once you have created the record, fill the form below with your domain name and an email address where to receive reports.

How this works

Follow the best practices!

A set of tools are used to check the deliverability of your emailing.

  • Authentication

    The email authentication is essential on the proper delivery of your messages. You must ensure SPF, DKIM and DMARC pass the recipient server tests, to maximize your chances to have your emails delivered on inbox.

  • DNS configurations

    There's rules and precise syntax to use on your DNS configurations, that service is gonna verify if your SPF and DMARC configurations are properly done, accordingly to the RFCs.

  • IP blacklists

    A lot of blacklists exist over the internet, and a lot are used to filter emails. Being listed on a major one can impact on your delivery rate and on the inbox placement, that tool checks your sending IP and domains against a set of the most commonly used.

  • Content analysis

    Some tracking behaviors are badly seen by antispam services, and there's some mistakes to avoid absolutely to be sure not to be be seen as a bad sender. That tool also provide a Spamassassin (v3.4.2) and Rspamd (v3.0) analysis, so you will be able to see how antispams appreciate your emails.